I thought that setting up a special page for posting interesting photos and video about the band we love. I’m usually always scouring the web for new finds of photos and videos about “The Hooters”. Being a fan of a band with such a long history can be a bit tricky, since there aren’t that many sources from where you can pull your content.

Luckily though, there are people who have been kind enough to convert their audio cassette recordings, VHS tapes and other types of ancient media formats on which the early steps into the world of music by the “The Hooters” can be had. Remember that there were no CDs, DVDs and the likes back in the 80s, when “The Hooters” came onto the scene. Plus they published their recordings in limited quantities, so tracking down audio cassettes or VHS tapes of their performances isn’t that easy today.

As I’ve already mentioned, people who do own “The Hooters” memorabilia were so kind to convert their treasure into digital form, so we can enjoy in one of the performances by the band, like the one linked above. Posting these types of rare recording of the band playing back in the day will be my focus here on this page, and also elswhere on the website. Stay tuned for updates.