The Hooters Band – surprise appearance announcement

Those of you who follow the band on Facebook or elsewhere, you probably already know about the show that the band is going to be featured in on January 17th. I haven’t had the time to hang out on Facebook during the holidays, and I missed the update that the band posted the day before yesterday. I’m now making it up by posting it here as well, so that others might see it.

The Hooters Band – surprise guest appearance on “The Goldbergs”

So the show that we’re talking about, where “The Hooters” are going to be guest start, airs on ABC. It’s called “The Goldbergs” and it is a sitcom that’s a throwback to the 80s. Something similar to “That 70s Show”, only it’s set in the 80s and it follows around a more “stable” family, the Goldbergs.

Anyway, so the band is going to be a guest star in the show. My guess it that the episode setup will be something along the lines of the Goldbergs so and visit a concert show where the “The Hooters” are the headliners. If you look at the teaser photo posted above you can see that the band actually wears 80s clothes and playing a gig. If you want to watch the show, make sure to tune to ABC, on January 17th at 8|7c. I’ll try to find a stream somewhere, not sure how people over in Europe can watch this. Hope you enjoy it.