Best place where you can get in touch with the band and follow their latest updates is Facebook. I’ve included their Facebook page a little bit further down below for the lazy. Give them a like there and show them your love, because that’s what drives every band forward. They post updates to their Facebook page pretty regularly, so by keeping tabs of what they are up to there you’ll make sure you’re up to date on everything that the band is doing.

I’ve tried to look up alternative social media profiles that the band uses but I wasn’t able to find any. There is this Twitter page, if you don’t use Facebook, but I’m not sure if that is their official page. It doesn’t look like it so make sure to check twice about what gets posted there. As for the rest of the social media platforms, like Instagram, or Snapchat, I don’t think that band uses those. I’m perfectly happy with Facebook, but not everyone likes it. Anywho, that’s it as far as social media profiles goes.